Monday, April 6, 2009


"Kate, I know you've been hurt in the past and if I haven't already proven to you that I'm not like your father or your ex-husband, then I'll do more. I'll do whatever it take for you to trust again, for you to believe in love again. I don't want to rush you, but I want you to know that I love you and I'm willing to wait until you're ready. But I would like to wait as your fiance," Peter graciously spoke as he got down on one knee.


"Kate Thomas, will you marry me?'

Kate was at a loss for words. Peter had surprised her with two plane tickets to San Francisco, to celebrate their one year anniversary they would take a long weekend and enjoy one of Kate's favorite cities. Kate's relationship with Peter was unlike anything she was used to, the main thing was he respected her and that made all the difference. He never put her down and he never used her to get something for himself, he adored her and never missed an opportunity to show her how he felt. With Peter's support, Kate started painting again and was doing amazing work, she showcased her art in local coffee shops and consistently had buyers.

Thanks pbrewer 1965!

Kate's ability to express herself was doing wonders for her self esteem and she felt like she was gaining some of the confidence and self respect that she never quite established for herself while she was growing up. She was on top of the world and this proposal was the cherry that made her life that much more sweet.

Tears were streaming down Kate's face as she looked into Peter's eyes.

"Oh my gosh," Kate gushed, covering her mouth with her hands. "Peter, it's beautiful. You're a wonderful man and I love you so very much. I don't know what to say."

"Yes. Say yes."

"Peter. No I can't marry you," Kate soberly said.

"What? No?" Peter was genuinely shocked. "Kate. If this is moving too fast then let me know, I mean, I thought that's where this was heading. I'm not saying that we should get marry this month or this year for that matter. I just want to know that you want to be with me for the rest of your life, the wedding, that can wait until you're ready."

"Peter. That's not it. You have changed my life in so many ways. I mean I thought my life was hopeless, worthless, until you came and showed me how much I have to live for and how special I really am. I've never had someone in my life who supported me and loved me unconditionally like you do. I want nothing more than to be your wife, but I-, I actually should have told you this a long time ago. And maybe it was selfish of me because I loved how alive you made me feel," Kate paused and struggled with what came next.

"Peter when you told me that you were married before, and you're wife passed away, I, I knew that I could never marry you. You didn't have a horrible marriage that you needed to get out of like me; you didn't get a divorce. From the sound of it, you and your wife had a great marriage, you would still be with her today, if...." Kate trailed off.

"Do you see where I'm going with this Peter? I feel as if I'm a replacement for your wife. I know you love me and have true feelings for me and I know that what I'm saying is cruel, but it's a deal breaker for me. I'm sorry. It just doesn't feel right to me. I can't marry you."


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