Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Part One.

"You said no?! How could you say no? Peter's perfect!" Deborah exclaimed as she tossed herself onto the bed and playfully hit Kate with a pillow.

"I know, I know. I just don't feel like I can marry a widow. This may sound juvenile, but it kind of creeps me out, I mean I would sleep in her bed and have her half of the closet, ugh, it just freaks me out."

"Oh my gosh, Kate. You are acting like a child. Peter doesn't even live in the same house first of all, and second of all haven't you already slept on her side of the bed, if you know what I mean," Deborah kidded as she winked at Kate and turned onto her side and propped her head up with her arm.

"Deborah!" Kate shrieked and grabbed the pillow and threw it back at her sister laughing.

"And besides, don't you want to get out of this place? This room getting way too cramped," Deborah said surveying the room. In one corner was an easel with a watercolor painting Kate just completed. It was a serene pond filled with water lilies.

Thanks dotpolka!

Deborah smiled as she studied the detail of each petal and noticed how the colors played on one another to highlight different shades of lavender. Behind the easel was a bookcase packed with art supplies and magazines and shoe boxes. Above the book case was a shelf that sagged beneath the weight of hardcover books and picture frames. Across the room was a tall glass cabinet filled with the remaining clowns in Kate's collection. Next to that was a massive dresser with an over sized mirror above it. The dresser was littered with make up and colored pencils, an ashtray and a carton of cigarettes, empty wine bottles and crumpled receipts. Deborah looked towards the door that was slightly ajar and spied hooks with layers of clothing threatening to fall.

"I know. I've been here for almost four years now, can you believe that? I swore to myself that it would be six months tops and look what happened," Kate said between drags of her cigarette, the she lowered her voice. "He's been surprisingly decent to me since I moved back." Kate glanced nervously towards the door.

"That's good. I've noticed a significant change in him," Deborah whispered, then she leaned in towards Kate and motioned her to come closer. "Do you think it's because of her?" She exchanged a knowing look with Kate. The her she was referring to was Penny.


mia said...

Peter is a "widower" not "widow". But I knew what you meant. xxxo

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