Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When the wind blows.
Part One.

I crouched behind a bush, cautiously peering through the leaves, trying to get a glimpse of the scene inside. What was that noise? I thought he was dead, didn't he kill himself? Then what is he doing in the house? Who are all those people? My mind beat furiously with questions. I quietly inched forward, but my foot pressed against something and all of a sudden there was a cacophony of noise. HOLY SHIT! Sirens blaring, lights flashing; me in the spot light! What the Fuck is going on?! Oh my gosh!


It's my alarm. I'm awake. I'm awake. Am I? I whipped my head around and saw the object responsible for all the noise. Shit. 1:23. How long has my alarm been going off? Since 11? Shit. Oh well it's Sunday...then why did I set my alarm? My mind wandered into consciousness as I stretched and yawned myself out of bed. I have a splitting headache. Ughh...too much wine. I need water.


What's that noise? Someone's outside. What time is it? 1:36. OK, so if my clock is 16 minutes fast then it's actually...ummmm, it's Fuck. 1:20? Is that right? 1:20. But I thought she had church? A door slams. OK, maybe she left. Nope, another door. She just left? Another door. Goddammit! I need water. I open my bedroom door and am relieved to see my roommate's bedroom door open across the hall. Good, she did leave. Thank God! Whoa! Shiiit! There she is reaching for the telephone in the corner of the living room. Her blue t-shirt and yellow and pink poke-a-dot shorts are obnoxious. Why is she still here? We both grunt a greeting. As I fill my big mug with water, I hear her on the phone.



Both behind close doors with the living room as our buffer zone we wait. We wait for the other person to make the first move. We're roommates, but more than that we're friends; and that was the most I've seen and talked to her in weeks. What happened? We waited so long to live together. We waited until we were sure that living together wouldn't come between us. We can do it. We did it. Then something happened. And now there's an uncomfortable tension between us, and I'll be damned if I make the first move.


There's a knock on my door. Was it? Wait. Was that just the wind? No! There it was again. It is a knock? It is? I'm suddenly nervous. What is she going to say? What am I going to say? But this is it. This is what I've been waiting for. Finally, there will be some peace in this house. I reach for the door and twist the knob. Open!


Nothing. Huh? A door slams. I look across the hall. My roommate is nowhere in sight. But across the hall I see her bedroom door closed.

It was just the wind.


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