Sunday, March 8, 2009

An Untimely Death.
Part One.

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"It was at the age of 40 that her life really took a turn. She was, in a way moving along a heavenly path toward everything she ever dreamed about and this path led her to a fabulous and fulfilling life. She recovered from an existence that forced her to numb herself to life and when she finally met Him and accepted Him into her life, she began living again, even if it was in her final hours.

"I believe she lived everyday to her fullest in her last seven years and did everything she wanted to do before she reached the castle in the sky. She was finally able to cross over with His help. She had everything she wanted and she definitely deserved it all. So now that she's in her final resting place, may she enjoy it with peace and love, may her goodness shine down on all of us as say goodbye to my sister Kate today.

"And may we never forget and may she be with us always."

The last words were choked out as Deborah finished the eulogy. She sobbed heavily before looking into the pews. Through blurry eyes she saw that everyone in the church had the same look on their faces. But in the back row sat a woman with light brown ringlets tied in a long ponytail that fell down her back. Her face was purposely hidden behind over sized sunglasses, an unusual choice for this funeral. And next to her sat a man. He put his hand on the small of her back and his fingers tingled when he felt her hair. He sat with his knees tilted towards her knees so it formed a triangular shape between their legs. Their faces were stoic, but not sad, there were no tears, no emotion, no grief.

They sat in the last row of the church where the setting suns rays cast a shadow over them, covering their guilt and jealousy so no one else could sense the evil in them. No one knew that just the presence of this man and this woman in the church was almost sacrilegious because they believed that it was essential to give into temptation in order to be fulfilled in life. They let this kind of thinking lead them through their entire lives, yet they would never admit this to anyone, except each other. They admired the fall of the very first Man and Woman, their decent from the Garden allowed people to tap into a darker place, it gave truth and love competition. And Albert and Penny accepted the challenge so they could use their dark side to deceive the ones closest to them in order to get what they wanted. They wanted people to talk, they wanted to stir things up to keep everyone else distracted. Kate's untimely death provided them with the perfect diversion. They knew the family would be preoccupied with Kate's passing and no one would be paying any attention to them.


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