Sunday, March 8, 2009

Part One.

Thanks jim o'connell!

Two women sat outside against a tile wall. The wall loomed high over their heads to provide a protective enclosure around the yard where they sat. The street lights illuminated their shadows and even outlined a thin line against the tiles that swayed back and forth behind Kate, the woman on the right. Between drags, she finally spoke,

"Who the hell does that witch think she is?! She doesn't even know what he put us through, God, she thinks this is all a game. I swear, Deborah, one day I'm going to get out of here. I'll be long gone living the fabulous life, I'll show her. She'll get distracted by all the shiny things I'm flashing in her face and she'll blink and start kissing my ass because I will be the one that has it all."

Kate violently puffed on her cigarette and bounced her crossed legs up and down. She looked over at Deborah who nodded in agreement. A cat walked up to them and slowly weaved his way in and out between Kate's legs. Kate automatically dropped her free hand to stroke the long, soft body of the cat. The cat purred loudly and pushed his nose into the back of Kate's leg, then jumped up into her lap. Kate continued to rhythmically pet the cat and felt a calm wash over her. She wanted to vent more, to get into one of those bitch-fest she and Deborah were famous for, after which, she would feel infinitely better, but with Cotton in her lap, she didn't need to. Kate looked over toward Deborah and gave a slight nod, as if to say it was enough.

"I guess it's getting late," Deborah said, catching on. "I better get going. Mark and the kids should be coming home from practice soon."
"Right. It is late," Kate agreed. "I'll call you later in the week, maybe we can grab lunch?"
"Sure. We'll be in touch," Deborah said standing up. Kate stood up, cradled Cotton in her arms and started walking Deborah to her car. "Oh, and Kate?"
"Hang in there, okay. I know it's easier said then done, but it won't be this way forever. Things are bound to change. Fate has a funny way of giving everybody what they deserve."
"Fate?! Ha! Since when do you believe in fate, Deb," Kate retorted. "This crap with Penny must really be getting to you too, if you're leaving this up to fate. Destiny! Give me a break!" Kate gently dropped Cotton to the ground and started laughing.
"See. Fate got you to laugh, didn't it," Deborah kidded.


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