Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Thanks trying2!

Penny sat at her dining table with her head in her hands. She sat there breathing heavily and thinking sad thoughts hoping it would make her cry. But nothing happened. Penny sat for twenty minutes trying to make herself cry, but she couldn't do it. She had not shed one tear since Kate's death. Even at the funeral when there was sadness and pain all around her, she didn't feel anything, she was completely numb. She thought it was because she was still in shook at Lucy's tragic and untimely death and with time the tears would come. Three weeks had past and still nothing.

She walked to her kitchen and opened the large stainless steel refrigerator. Her eyes moved past the condiments lining the inside of the door until she saw what she was looking for. A bottle of pinot grigio . Penny opened the bottle and poured herself a glass. She stood at the window and watched as the clouds moved to the east blocking the sun as she sipped her wine. Then she took another sip and another sip and another, then tipped her head back and finished the rest of the wine. By the time her glass was empty the clouds cast a dark shadow in her backyard. She poured another glass and drank it as quickly as the first. Then instead of pouring a third glass, she took the bottle and went outside.

The two black Labradors lounging in the yard were immediately alert when they saw Penny approaching. Their ears perked up and their bodies stiffened as Penny came closer and closer. Then, as if sensing something they both stood up and ran, howling as they went. Penny noticed this, but thought nothing of it. Lately, her pups, were very cold to her, they would always run to Cameron, her husband, instead of her, but Penny didn't care. She walked across the yard and down the grassy hill and stopped at the stream below. Penny sat at the edge and dipped her toes in as the water seamlessly flowed between the rocks and cooled the top of her feet.

The bottle of pinot was almost gone and Penny still felt nothing, no sadness, no tears, no emotion, no grief. She didn't even feel the wine. She gazed beyond the stream towards the street below. Penny saw two people walking, completely unaware of her. She thought they looked happy and in a way, she envied them. Then, almost as if they could hear her thoughts, the couple looked up in her direction. Although, they couldn't see her, Penny swore the woman made eye contact with her and this made Penny nervous. She quickly ran back up the hill.

When Penny reached the top, she scanned the street, searching for the couple, but they were long gone. It was the first time in weeks that Penny felt any kind of emotion and this disturbed her. Who were those people? And why was that woman staring at her?


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nice story bff...i can totally picture it!!!

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