Sunday, March 8, 2009

An Untimely Death.
Part Two.

Throughout the service, a woman sat rocking back and forth in the front pew with her hands crossed in her lap. She twiddled her thumbs looking at something a mother should never see: she was burying her first daughter. At times when the sun rotated, she fell into the shadows but when she emerged, she knew that Kate's death was inevitable because she couldn't take being alive anymore. Every chance he got he would make it known that she wasn't one of "Daddy's little girls," and actually she never really was. As much as she tried to get his attention, he reminded her that there was only one girl for him and anyone who wasn't "His Penny" didn't deserve him. Because it was Penny who he always loved the most; the others just weren't good enough.

As the woman in the front pew remembered this, a tear fell down her cheek, followed by another tear and another tear and another. If only he didn't have to treat her so small and so insignificant then maybe Kate would still be here today. She knew it wasn't her own fault, that he was the one to blame, yet she thought that maybe if she did something, Kate would still be alive.


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