Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Dimly Lit Table.
Part One.

Thanks dhammza!

They sat at a dimly lit table. He sat with his chin in the palm of his hands, resting his elbows on the plastic flower tablecloth; it was a poignant attempt at giving the place a homey feeling. He gazed at Penny with his head tilted to one side.

Penny strategically sat so the dim light just missed her face. He could only see the faint outline of her nose and chin. She wanted him to think she was happy, so she smiled, but her smile wasn't happy. It was, in a way disturbing - but he didn't know that. Penny was giving him exactly what he wanted because she was a very giving person and she knew that you only get as much as you give; so she gave and gave and gave all of herself to this man. She knew that would get her exactly what she wanted. Penny shuddered a little as he gently placed his hand on hers and slowly started fingering her gold bracelets, bracelet after bracelet, until he got to the sixth and final bracelet. When he moved his hand up her arm and started rubbing her back, Penny stiffened ever so slightly - but he couldn't feel that. She knew what he wanted so she obliged. Penny released a shrill and shook her hair back and forth so her light brown ringlets bounced and tickled the back of his hand, between his fingers.

"Do you want your Daddy to get you more soup?'
Penny softened her features as she leaned into the light, "Yes. Please. Daddy."


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nice post wait is it two stories in one?

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