Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Hurricane.
Part Two.

Penny hung up the phone and wiped her tears away. Almost immediately her worry about the hurricane was gone and a mischievous smiled took over her face. Penny sat back and watched the sky get darker and darker as the winds howled and whipped the tree branches violently back and forth. The was perfect. Penny couldn't have planned it better. All the schemes to sabotage the wedding from telling the florist to use Calla Lilies that Kate was allergic to and sending out 600 invitations with the time an hour later paled in comparison to Hurricane Nikki. Unfortunately for Penny, Kate had to stick her nose in every detail and caught all of Penny's "accidental mistakes" so none of her evil conniving panned out. Of course Kate didn't know that Penny did it intentionally, she just assumed it was her absentminded nature. Yet, Penny's meticulous attention to detail always seemed to go unnoticed by others. It was no matter to Penny, in fact she preferred it that way so people never thought she was the mastermind behind unfortunate events. She was always the innocent bystander caught in devastating aftermath of her plotting. But now two days before the wedding, the Gods were shinning down on Penny and this beautiful storm that was an absolute blessing.


Rebecca Anne said...

Ah Oh.
Although I made it to part 2, now I'm really wondering what happens next. Just like a writer to leave the reader hanging (always a great thing)
Thank you for sharing this and hopefully Penny's planning goes completely down the drain and everything works out just fine for Kate~

ferdnerd said...

dude penny is rude

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