Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One of Those Days.

Have you ever had one of those days, where everything goes wrong? Not one of those days where you make huge mistakes or get awful news, but the days when the little things add up to create the perfect storm.

One of those days when you hit the snooze button one too many times but you rush to get ready and you're out the door on time so you think you won't be late, but you miss the light and as you stare at the

ThanksMac Q!

red hand trying to will it to change to the white walk man, you see something out of the corner of your eye and it's your bus crossing the intersection just as the yellow light turns red. You run because the white walk man says walk but you know it's useless, yet your arms still pump and your knees still hike until you reach your stop to find your bus leaving and your brow sweating. You wipe your forehead with the back of your hand but you know you missed a spot when you feel something wet hit your eye lid and when you move your hand to wipe the bottom of your eye, your fingers get stained black and you know your eye liner or mascara is running but probably both.

You get to work and try to be inconspicuous because you're 35 minutes late but the plastic venetian blinds bang against the front door announcing your tardiness to a full house. You see your boss' chair swivel around as you tiptoe past his office and he gives you a knowing look. You try to get settled but your computer lags and drags and takes it's time starting up, then you open your Outlook and sitting in your drafts folder is the extension you forgot to email for your deadline. You look at the clock and see that it's 10 to 10 and the file you needed an extension on is due in 9 minutes. You spend the rest of your morning trying to cover your tracks even though you know it's pointless, but you have to at least try, things are not so bad to the point where you should give up so you keep your head down and pound out letter after letter and after all is said and done you know you did what you could; by the time you go to lunch your file is done even if it's two hours past due.

As you wait in line at the deli, your stomach screams at you for not feeding it since last night and you suck in your gut and put your arm around your waist in an effort to calm the ravenous beast. You feel a little light headed but you keep your eye on the tray of juicy, succulent tofu and can almost taste the sandwich that's to come. You finally get notice by the man behind the counter as he points to you and you know it's your cue to order. He knows you, he knows you always get a tofu sandwich, yet he still asks and on days like this you wish his English was good enough so you could tell him to always have a tofu sandwich ready when he sees you walk in but you are unable to communicate this to him and when you tell him one tofu sandwich he shakes his head, you say one tofu sandwich again and this time you raise a finger to indicate one, but he still shakes his head and instead of repeating your order even louder, you look down at the tray and all the tofu is gone.

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The way your day is going what else did you expect. You were so focused on the tofu that you settle for the three ham sandwich because you can't think of anything else and the three ham sandwich is next on the list. As you eat at your desk you remember why you never order the three ham sandwich because there is some weird caviar paste in it that you have not yet acquire a taste for, so you try to pick at the parts of the ham and bread that are not saturated in caviar, but by the end of your lunch hour you realize what you ate amounted to about half of the top piece of bread.

The afternoon wears on and your stomach is still mad at you and you can't think straight because you have not had a decent meal since last night and get very little work done. It's almost time to leave and you realize that throughout the day the sky turned from a bright cheery blue to a dark and scary gray and you know that by 5 the rain will come because it is after all one of those days and you don't have a rain coat or umbrella to protect the new suit you just had to wear today. Like clock work at 4:58PM the thunder sounds and rolls across the sky and in a gradual crescendo the rain starts beating against your window and you have no choice but to keep your head down and walk out into a brutal downpour that makes for a perfect ending to a day that took a wrong turn because you hit the snooze button one too many times. The bus is late and crowded and you're soaking wet and standing smashed between two people who are equally wet but one is rather large and smelly and the other is talking loud to be heard over the bus driver announcing stops about missing her last menstrual cycle and whom the father could be if she is indeed pregnant.

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You close your eyes and try to picture nirvana, but you can't because you need to concentrate on holding on as tight as possible as the driver speeds through yellow lights and whips around corners.

You start to feel relief when you see your building come into sight; you're almost home. Each step makes you feel lighter as you climb up the stairs and your shoulders relax a little as you know your day is finally coming to an end. You fumble with your keys to open the door and as you step inside you hear the sounds of an acoustic guitar strumming a familiar tune and then a deep bass joins to fill out the sound and then a crisp piano key strikes a chord until the harmonies of your favorite song hit your ears and your face softens when you see a friendly smile and arms wrap around you as you melt into the embrace of the person you love and you realize that it took all day, but things are starting to look up.


M.J. said...

Great ending!

Mr. S said...

Nice snapshot of a day there. I'm glad it all ended well. I was expecting a broken-into home and loud neighbours :P

Anonymous said...

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