Wednesday, May 13, 2009

19. A Way Out.

I am trapped in a dark place with lots of hallways and I am running from something obviously, because why else would I be running? The walls and floors are covered with notes but I don't notice the writing, all I'm focused on is getting away. The more I run the longer and narrower the hallway seems. I'm starting to feel claustrophobic. I'm dripping wet. Beads of sweat fall down my face and smear the notes on the floor, turning the ground slippery and gooey. I feel like I'm going to fall but I have to keep running, I keep looking over my shoulder to try and catch a glimpse of what I'm running from but I don't see anything; or anyone.

Thanks jek in the box!

I'm running so fast that everything starts to blur but I think I see an exit. I put my head down and focus on moving my feet and getting out, I can see the opening; I see light, I'm almost there, I'm almost free. I am inches from the door when I slip and fall, WHAM! flat on my back knocking my head against the pavement.

* * * * * *

When I come to, I'm covered with paper. Notes from the wall fell down as I crashed to the floor. My head and body hurt, but I don't think anything is broken. I slowly pull myself off the ground and use the nearby door handle to help steady myself. I don't remember where I am, but I know I should see what's beyond the door. I turn the handle and push hard, the door seems stuck, so I lean into it with my shoulder and with a little umph, the door flies open and I stumble out. What the?! I stand and look around with my mouth wide open: this is my stop. Then my eyes pop as I reach for the door as it's slamming shut. Dammit! The door clicks but I try to yank on the handle to get it open. It is locked. I bang on the door, as if believing someone will open it, but I know better. I lean back and bang my head against the door in frustration. My head hits something pointy that sends a shock of pain coursing from the base of my skull to my forehead. I rub the back of my head. I don't want to turn around. I know what I hit my head against. I refuse to turn around. I collapse to the ground still rubbing my head as I see my bus pull up to the curb. I'm tempted to get on and just go home, but my need to figure out the who/what/wheres of the situation keeps me seated.

I sit against the door for awhile trying to piece things together. My head really hurts and I can't think straight. I was inside in a place with a lot of hallways. I was running from something, obviously. Although now I think that maybe I was running towards something. But what? The walls and floors were covered with notes. I slip and fall and hit my - WHACK!

The door behinds me swings open and I fall to the ground. Before I black out, I see someone come out of the door and walk down the street. L!


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