Monday, February 23, 2009

Out to Sea.
Part One.

Thanks martin bischoff!

Nathan was eavesdropping on a conversation in the other room. The tea kettle started bursting hot, angry steam that meshed with the air to form a stagnant, damp space that engulfed him. He turned his attention toward the stove and prepared a cup of tea. As Nathan left the kitchen, it was as if he was emerging from a humidity that was weighing him down and threatening to drag him in and suffocate his guilty pleasure and overwhelming glee. Nathan entered the sitting room, where Lindsay was just finishing up a phone call,

"King's. Room 309. Come soon."
Nathan handed Lindsay the cup of tea and started rubbing her back and asked, "Did you call the family?"
"Yes. I just got off the phone with Deb."
"And no one's coming?"
"You're absolutely sure no one's coming," Nathan said with a slight edge in his voice.
"Absolutely," Lindsay answered coolly.

Nathan stroked the top of Lindsay's head and slowed ran his fingers through her hair; he felt a chill envelope his body as he closed his eyes. He let the sensation fully swallow him, letting his head roll back and forth until it came to rest tilted toward the ceiling. He slowly dropped his head and when he opened his eyes he focused on the tips of his toes that were peeping out of yellow fuzzy slippers. Nathan wiggled his toes up and down and smiled with satisfaction as the soft, almost velvet like fabric teased, and cushioned and warmed his feet.

He raised his head to find Lindsay had left the room and he was alone in the sitting room of what he thought of as a mini mansion; nothing like the two bedroom apartment where he grew up. There he had a narrow room that barely fit a twin bed. It was a bed that Nathan painfully remembered sharing with his mother. Nathan would feel her crawl under his blanket after she turned and tossed until 4 in the morning and turned to find her husband's side of the bed empty. She would bury her face in his pillow until the tears stopped, then she would pull Nathan close to her and cradle him in the fetal position. Nathan missed his mother's arms around him. But he was a man now; he could take care of himself and his mother. After all this was a three bedroom, two bathroom, one story house with a huge back yard. Nathan wanted to have children soon. He knew his mother would like to have little ones to play with, to spoil, to enjoy. Nathan could give his mother the life she deserved in this home. Now that Lindsay's father was dead, they could finally start a life of their own: together.


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