Saturday, February 21, 2009

It Starts.

Writing has, on and off, throughout my life been my go-to, when I couldn't quite express what I was feeling or thinking verbally, I just had to give myself some time, with a blank sheet of paper and the words would come. It helped me while I was growing up to communicate with my parents, to tell the first boy I ever liked that he was cute, and to personalize my statement that got me into college. While in college, I majored in creative writing and even idealistically thought of being a writer when I "grew up". Instead life got in the way and five years later, I find myself with two jobs, a mortgage, and not enough time to do what I once thought of as my passion. With that said, I recently got inspired, by a close friend of mine, to start blogging and I realized that this is a way I can start writing again. I can use my blog as a place to host short stories on various topics. In a way, this blog is like the homework assignment that I have to do every week (or day) and my readers are my teachers who expect a quality piece, gives critiques (which I'm very open to), or simply appreciates a good story. In any case, I hope whomever reads this enjoys what I write and spreads the word.


Robyn said...

i didn't know you majored in creative writing! i did too... well english but had a bunch of creative writing classes and they were among my favorite!

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