Thursday, February 26, 2009

His Secret.
Part One.

Thanks guilherme kramer!

Albert watched his favorite daughter set out to sea. A smile crossed his face as he thought of Penny enjoying the new boat, sipping champagne and watching the sun set. He leaned on his walking stick and turned his back towards the water as he headed to the club. If he looked any longer, he would have to acknowledge the slight uneasiness he felt even though he couldn't place the feeling. If he looked for just one second longer, he would have known that he was the one who wanted to be out on the boat with Penny. Albert nodded to himself as he entered the bar and ordered a gin and tonic. He was happy to give Penny nice things, even if the gift was for Nathan. He knew Penny was smart enough to know that it was his way of showing her that he was fond of Nathan and that he was giving her his approval. Albert finished his drink quickly and ordered another, then made his way towards a table by the window. From where he sat, he thought he could see the boat, and he imagined Penny's light brown ringlets blowing in the wind; and then he imagined that he was moving his hand up and down her back with the long strands of her hair tickling the back of his wrinkled skin.

Penny was the last of Albert's children, and while she was growing up, in fact while all his children were growing up, he had no time for them. He was the sole provider for his family and he dreaded going home to screaming, ill mannered children after a long day of intensive labor. So he didn't. Albert felt he deserved some time to himself and made of habit of going to the local pub after work and stay into the night. On the rare occasion when Albert did come home for dinner, his children knew they needed to be on their best behavior and have proper manners at the table, if not he would teach them a lesson with his fist; or his belt; or his foot. But Albert was never around the next morning to see the unfortunate child, trying unsuccessfully to hide the bruised arm, or blackened face with touch of make up or a long sleeved shirt despite the 90 degree weather.

In his old age, Albert regretted abusing his children, but for most of them the wounds were too deep, they were harden by their childhood and were unable to forget. It was only when Albert's wife died that he realized his children only came around because of their mother and that in their hearts they never forgave him. Since Penny was the youngest, she was spared the abuse and didn't remember the drunken violence and anger so he still had a chance with her to have some semblance of a father-daughter relationship.

Albert put all his energy into his relationship with Penny, and he was glad he did, because now he had someone to take care of him in his old age; it was also why he was giving her everything. Years ago, he promised Penny that if her mother died first, they would set up a joint bank account so everything would go to her when he died and there would be no dispute about where all his money went. In fact, there would be no discussion about it at all, everything he owned would have her name on it, so it would all be hers. Albert ordered another drink and smiled to himself as he thought about the night he and Penny first shared their little secret.


mia said...

That's another great chapter. This time the Penny/Lindsey/Nathan relationship is clarified. Ooooo, what's next?

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