Monday, February 23, 2009

Out to Sea.
Part Two.

The wind was picking up and clouds were rolling in. From where Nathan stood at the window he could vaguely make out a deep orange sky outlined with pink as the sun raced to the the finish line and sunk below the horizon. He started to hear the rumbling rustle of the trees with their tops swaying violently in the wind, then the rain came showering against the window pane in staccato beats. This was the storm that was threatening to come for days and kept Nathan from taking the boat out. Nathan had a fascination with the ocean and was obsessively passionate about being in the water. He rediscovered his love for sailing when Lindsay's father gracious bought him a boat for all his hard work taking care of him in his old age. It was a very generous gift that Nathan accepted without a second thought.

"Oh Dad! You shouldn't have. This is too much, Nathan, you can't accept this," Lindsay gushed, as she and her father and Nathan stood on the docks ogling the new boat.
"Now, Lindsay, you have absolutely no say in this," Albert said sharply. "It's for the boy. He deserves it. It's his."
"Ha! Well, I won't be one to argue with that," Nathan said wrapping his arm around Albert's shoulder. "Since you said it first, I do deserve it. There I said it too, now it's your turn, say I deserve it, say it's mine" Nathan coaxed wrapping his other arm around Lindsay.
Lindsay blushed a little and buried her head in Nathan's chest.
"Fine! You win," Lindsay wrapped her arms around Nathans neck and he gently picked her up and swung her around. Nathan felt Lindsay's lips brush ever so lightly against his ear and he swore he heard her whisper something. Did she say, 'almost there'? He couldn't be sure.
"Now why don't you kids take her out. They say a storm's coming later this week. I want you guys to give it a test run before the rain hits. Now go on, you two, go on," Albert prompted them.
"No, Dad. You should come with us, we can't leave you here," Lindsay said.
"NO!" Albert stomped his walking stick before pointing it at Lindsay, "Look here lady, I want you and Nathan to enjoy this gift. I don't need to be around with you two kids out there doing God knows what. There's always next time. Now go. I'll wait at the club, in the bar."
Nathan knew once Albert set his mind to something, nothing could change it. "Come on Lindsay. Your father just wants us to break her in. He'll come next time. If we hurry we can sail out and see the sun set."
"Oh, alright. Dad if you insist, but stay at the bar. Don't go off exploring like you did the last time. We won't be long," Lindsay said as he gave her father a kiss on the forehead.

* * * * * *

Nathan looked out at the storm whipping the trees back and forth and smiled as he remembered pulling away from the dock with Lindsay on the very first time they went out on the boat. It was the happiest he had ever been in his entire life. He remembered wanting that feeling to last forever, just him and Lindsay leaving their old life behind to start anew, just the two of them, and maybe children. He was starting to feel that way again. Nathan remembered bobbing out in the open sea, sipping a glass of champagne, with front row seats to a deep orange sky, outlined with pink as the sun raced to the the finish line and sunk below the horizon.


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