Sunday, October 18, 2009


Later that night the red Jetta pulled into an abandoned parking lot and when the doors opened, Kenneth, Melanie and George emerged followed by a thick cloud of smoke; and the doors closed the sound of upbeat electronic rhythms mixed with a deep bass that vibrated through the open windows from Melanie's newly installed car speakers.

"Awww, yeah, this music's dope," George said as he bobbed his head and started moving effortlessly.

"Yeeeah, George," Melanie applauded his amazing dancing abilities.

"This beat is so awesome. Ken what group is this?" George asked while pausing from his grove to light a cigarette.

"It's a mix I grabbed from the internet. It's an hour long live set from this one DJ, John Digweed who spins at a lot of parties in the UK," Kenneth said.

"Very cool," George said while popping his arms and shoulders to the music. "You know I've always wanted to go to a rave after seeing the bloodbath in Blade, you guys ever see it?"

"Ewwww, was that where everyone was dancing and blood was shooting out from the ceiling?" Melanie asked. "All that blood was disgusting."

"Ah, kiddo, you know that was all fake," Kenneth said putting his arm around Melanie reassuringly. Then to George, "It was that song that got to you, huh?"

"Yes! You know exactly what I'm talking about; the bass is throbbing through everyone and when the blood shoots down, they all dance as if they're praising the pure rapture of the music," George said in a trance like state.

"Whoa, dude, you sure you've never partied before," Kenneth asked.

"What like gone to a rave or rolled?"

"Well both, the way you talk about it," Kenneth said as he leaned towards George, "it seems like you know; like you know what you're talking about, as if you've been on that level before."

"Neither, but it sounds like a scene I'd totally be into, all those candy kids dressed in bright colors and crazy costumes, dancing all night long," George trailed off.

Kenneth nodded in agreement and turned to look at George seeing through him in a way that showed Kenneth that this was exactly the type of person that would be perfect for the scene. Sure George loved to dance and party, but more than that, he was lost, restless soul that needed a reason to keep going. Kenneth was about to give George that reason and offer him a place to call home.


M.J. said...

This hit home....I started going to raves at I got older the "newbies" were always in to super star DJs (which didn't even exist in my early raving days) and thought the whole scene was about "candy" and drugs.

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