Sunday, August 2, 2009

03. In the Light of Day.

Trevor lay in bed staring at the ceiling. He turned to look at Juliana, her naked body slowly heaving with every breath. He gently ran his hand through her hair and felt only slightly guilty about sleeping with a women he just met. Trevor had a bad habit of falling for women real hard, real fast and then losing interest just as quickly. He was trying to change his ways but Juliana's passionate kisses and the deep curves of her body made it hard for him to resist. Trevor tried only once to slow things down and suggest he walk her home, but the look on her face told him that she needed this; she longed for a man to touch her and pleasure her in a way that would make her feel beautiful and desired. He didn't know where this would lead, but he went with it and gave her exactly what she needed.

In the light of day, Trevor decided that he would just take things one step at a time, for all he knew Juliana didn't want a relationship and was simply trying to have some baser need fulfilled. Yet something about Juliana still nagged at Trevor and he hoped she would want to see him again. As Trevor jumped in the shower, he tried to figure out what Juliana had that made her so enticing to him. He couldn't figure it out in the coffee shop and even as they shared nachos and sangrias, he was still stumped. Perhaps it was because she was the type of girl that he didn't normally fall for; she seemed very naive about the world and had very superficial interest. He wondered if he met the real Juliana last night or if it was the Juliana that she thought guys liked; he wondered if she even knew who the real Juliana was.

Trevor was lost in thought as he wrapped a towel around his waist and walked out of the shower. He was only slightly caught off guard when he saw Juliana scrambling around for her clothes. He smiled at her awkwardness as she hurried around the living room trying to pull a rug over her head before realizing that he sweater was in the other corner. Trevor could hardly contain his amusement and tried to cover his laugh when Juliana turned towards him.

"Did you find your clothes alright," Trevor asked, with a slight hint of a smirk on his face. Juliana blushed and nodded. "Oh Juli, you don't have to be shy around me. How about some coffee? Skinny Vanilla Latte right?"

Trevor sauntered into the kitchen and was fully aware that his towel was positioned just barely covering his back side and was hoping Juliana could see that.

"Well I don't think I have vanilla, but I could do a Skinny Latte?"

"Oh, sure. That sounds perfect actually," Juliana said.

Trevor brought two cups of coffee to the bistro table where Juliana was sitting that face a floor to ceiling window that looked out onto the city. As they sat sipping their coffee and watching the city stir to life, Trevor asked, 'What are your plans for the today/'

Juliana told him she had to work until close which was 8 PM and then said her evening was open. Trevor knew she wanted to see him again and took the chance to ask if she wanted to have dinner with him, and of course she said yes. As he walked her home, she told him about her coworker, Abbi, whom she was closing with and described 'like Paula from the Real World,' and when Trevor didn't get the reference, she launched into a full recap of MTV's 17th Season of the Real World. Trevor's head was spinning as he tried to keep up with who was who and just why Abbi was like Paula. He was revealed when they got to her door, but when she continued to go on about how Svetlana and Paula were BFF before Janelle caused all the drama, Trevor grabbed her close and kissed her goodbye.

As Trevor was walking home, he finally realized why he found Juliana so interesting and his mind started working in high gear as he saw the beginnings of a story play out. He didn't' want to make too much of it, but he knew he was onto something and Juliana was the key.


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