Friday, August 28, 2009

11. The Dance.

Linda Baker did as she was told her and put the bug in Charles' head that the child may not be his. She danced around the subject like a ballerina tip toeing when she didn't like being pressed to say yes or no and performing a jete when he asked if there were other men, pirouetting around and around until Charles was so dizzy he conceded when she finally ended her movement with a curtsy because she knew he was eating out of her hand. But 2.5 months later when Linda went into labor Charles Ernst was there coaxing her to breath and push and enduring the broken fingers he was sure he had as Linda squeezed his hand with a new found strength until finally the painful screams that filled the room turned into the cries of a new life calling out, announcing her arrival into the world. Linda's worn, exhausted face turned into joy when she gazed upon her daughter's face, and maybe because he by her side as her emotions reached unexplored territories or maybe because there was really something there, but she saw the image of Charles looking back at her. It was in this heighten state of elation that Linda Baker told Charles he could name their daughter. Charles looked alert when she said "their" but let it pass when he looked over at Linda and she continued to stroke the baby's head so gently and so calmly, that in that moment Charles saw the epitome of happiness and love so he tucked her words in the pocket of his soul and secretly knew the baby was his. Thus from a bed of lies and love mixed with deception and passion, Juliana Ernst came into this world.


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