Tuesday, August 25, 2009

09. Stroke of Genius.

In the pale glow of a flickering light bulb, Trevor's hand cramped as he worked his instrument with a masturbatory zeal, culminating in a release as his creative juices spilled onto the page. Trevor dropped his pen just as the barely legible ink dried and he shook his hand out and massaged his knuckles. Trevor often experienced bouts of inspiration that he could only express by putting pen to paper; in a way he felt this was a more authentic way to write rather than typing on his laptop, everything from the misspelled words to the X's and scratches and arrows pointing to the margins that were choked with words oozed with the passion and intensity Trevor was feeling in the moment. It was in this raw medium where Trevor's genius truly festered and bred and grew into something magical.

After dating Juliana for two weeks, she let her guard down and shared more and more of herself with Trevor. Although Trevor's initial judgment of Juliana was a little off, he was still dizzy with the material she was giving him. With each night, their pillow talk revealed deeper crevasses of Juliana's soul; and it couldn't have happened at a better time, just when Trevor hit a dry spell, Juliana was the Muse that sparked his fire that was dormant for far too long.

Trevor reread his work and let his lips slowly curl up and his eyes narrow as he looked up and saw his reflection in the window with a backdrop of lights from the city. He let the sneer completely encompass his face as Juliana's body appeared in the reflection and grew bigger as she approached him until she blended into the foreground. Knowing he would meet his deadline, Trevor casually closed his journal just as Juliana draped her arms around his shoulders and kissed his neck. Trevor pressed her hands into his chest and let himself be consumed by his lust and his craving to finish the story.


M.J. said...

I wonder how Julia is going to feel when she sees the deep crevasses of her soul revealed in print?

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