Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Tangled Mess.

The path that he was on would lead him farther away from home than he'd ever been before. He carved a deep dark hold for himself and surrounded his insecurities with people he felt an unexplainable strong attachment to and felt an incredible sense of safety with. He never wanted to leave the comfort of the warm, slightly damp epuddle he amassed around him. He thought that as long as he was there he would never be alone again. He was so high on life and so happy with his surroundings the he couldn't ever imagine leaving. He finally found a place where he belonged. And then to make the deal that much sweeter, he met a girl.

He met her the previous summer at his job, but he never noticed her until now. From his place at the register he watched as she expertly moved across the dining floor clearing tables with grace and ease as she tossed her long sleek black hair and flashed the customers her winning smile. He'd try to engage her in conversation whenever she came up to the register but he thought it was pointless because girls like her never went for guys like him. He appreciated who she smiled politely and laughed when he tried to make a joke. He was in awe of the way she could laugh boldly in the face of the world and seemed so happy, so free, so ready for anything that life threw at her. He pined for her that summer and desperately tried to get to know her and lucky for him, he did.


mia said...

not sure why it's tangled...is there more?

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