Wednesday, July 22, 2009


MJ, at In so many words... , one of my favorite bloggers who always spreads positive vibrations in her posts, tagged me for a MeMe Award. So now I will share 7 things about myself and tag 7 fellow bloggers for the award.

About Me:

1. I am terrified of driving because:

a) I have not had a car for 6 years. The only time I'm behind the wheel is once a year when I go home for Xmas and need to go somewhere and there is no one available to give me a ride and I then I go into panic mode and it takes me 15 minutes of deep breathing and adjusting my mirrors before I can back out of the driveway

b) I do personal injury cases at work and every file is a reminder of how a pleasant drive to the store or to school or to do anything ordinary can turn into a disaster.

2. I used to love writing by hand because it felt more authentic as my raw emotions exploded onto the page and my sloppy handwriting reflected the rapid pace that my thought were occurring. It was so much easier than staring at a blank page and a blinking cursor. Now I never write by hand because now I have a computer, a netbook, and an iPhone so everything I write is typed on one of these mediums. I love having these mobile devices so I can record my thoughts and write no matter where I am and can always have access to them.

3. I listen to NPR all day long and I thoroughly love public radio/podcasts like this american life, the diane rehms show, planet money, diggnation (I also have a school girl crush on Kevin Rose!)

4. I desperately want to be passionate about something but I lack the commitment to devote myself to anything.

5. I don't have a lot of close girlfriends and usually I'm okay with that, until I think about getting married or I see pictures of close friends that have maintained a ten year plus relationship. Sometimes I wish I had that bond with another female, but I have a hard time letting my guard down around other girls.

6. I am and have always been fiscally conservative. I never overspend or charge more than I can afford, I pay all my bills on time and in full. I save a huge chunk of my paycheck but I never deny myself anything that I want. I am incredibly annoyed at the financial mess our country is in and the all irresponsible, greedy, spend-happy people that got us into this debacle.

7. I am currently learning how to relax. I cannot sit still and I am constantly thinking about the next things I have to do or looking for things that I can do. I feel like this is contributing to my impending mental fritz!

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Robyn said...

i can't believe you don't drive! but can totally relate to the ones about writing, passion, relaxing, and money. although for the past several months, money has been tight and i've been having to deny myself things. :(

K said...

I used to do PI cases at the law firm I worked at. I ended up seeing things in such a negative light that I knew I had to walk away. (i.e., thinking that someone was faking a head injury to get more money) So, I changed careers...
I also feel you about being passionate about something. I WANT to be... but it never seems like I have the time. (Although, I guess when you are, you make the time?!?)
And I would totally be your friend if we lived in the same city!
Thanks for the tag!

M.J. said...

Thanks for the compliments--you made my day! :)

I hate driving too. Thanks to car accidents, I was flown to shock trauma twice before age 18. I am terrified most of the time when I am behind the wheel, and for me, fear turns to rage. When it comes to fight or flight, I am all fight baby!

And, I can't agree more with what you said about greedy, spend-happy people and what they have done to our economy.

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