Wednesday, September 16, 2009

16. Towards The Light.

Imagine Trevor's surprise when he found himself standing in the doorway to his apartment wearing nothing but his candy cane boxers screaming Juliana's name as she walked away from him. As the pain in his voice grew with every last call, he knew that she would eventually look back, but Juliana kept on walking focusing less and less on a sound gave her the feeling that someone she once cared for was calling her name, never looking back. The incredible irony of the situation would have been apparent if Trevor knew the history of his mother but this fact was lost due to the orphanage where Trevor grew up being burned to the ground by his own coaxing of an impressionable friend. Although it became more and more clear that Trevor's years of using and manipulating people was finally catching up with him because had this happened to someone else, Trevor would have loved to use these circumstances to his advantage.

As Trevor stood half naked in the hallway watching Juliana leave, he was left with an overwhelming feeling of not sad, but what he could only describe as utter confusion. Trevor always thought that the discovery of the subject of his second book would be the reason why Juliana would leave him and he prepared himself for that yet he never thought he would get so attached to Juliana. The only reason he pursued this relationship was because he saw potential in her as material for his book but nothing more. The fact that Trevor had recently toyed with the idea that Juliana may be "the one" perplexed him to no end.

Trevor's outburst was a momentary lapse in his overall composure and when he realized how his emotions led him to act so foolish, he sheepishly looked up and down the hallway, covered his crotch with his hand even though it was already covered and slunk back into his apartment. As he closed the door, he picked up Marley, his short haired black and white cat and absently stroked him as he sat on the couch to logically reason his next step. But when Trevor was unable to see any acceptable path forward he decided to take a step back and look down the path that got him to this precipice. Upon closer examination of the situation, Trevor was beginning to see a light,albeit a dim light, but it was illuminating a darkness that, unbeknownst to him, was surrounding his very being. As Marley kneaded and clawed on his shoulder losing himself in a temporary euphoria, Trevor focused his eyes on the grooves in the floor board as if trying to see the picture in an autostereogram to search the patterns within the frame to find new life in the image. Trevor focused and unfocused his eyes until he could plainly see that the face that was portrayed in the picture was none other than his father Charles Marshall.


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