Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Once outside, Kenneth dug into his pockets and pulled out a pack of Marlboro's and ignited a fire to extinguish his addiction. Kenneth pressed his lips into the butt of the cigarette and sucked hard as if it was his last breath and when he exhaled, he blew the smoke in the shape of O's. He hung his head and dragged his feet as he walked down the driveway and slowly he started nodding his head and then his lips started moving and the song that came out was the song that Kenneth always had playing in his head slowly creeping in with a beat that became his metronome, keeping time, keeping him in line, keeping him on the edge of madness when he couldn't get the words out of his head but keeping him grounded when he knew that he was still alive.

It's time to rethink every fact that is imaginable
Survival instinct dwells in a past that is inhabitable
I happen to pull fast ones over the slow parole board
Who likes to speak to de-fanged wolves who cry sheep
Time seeps into our skin, age indicates how long we've been lost in space
I keep putting expression-less upon my face
An awful waste of human skin who waits for Autumn to begin
My fall from grace, will do me in too late

Sage Francis spoke to Kenneth in this song in a way no one had spoken to him before and so he took those words and held it close reminding himself that he wasn't the only one. Just as Kenneth was about to dig himself into the a hole of self pity, a shiny red Jetta pulled up and stopped right in front of Kenneth. He peered in the dark windows trying to see inside, but only saw an image of himself looking for something that he couldn't see. Then slowly, Kenneth's reflection disappears and the driver rolled down the window.

"Hey stranger, going somewhere this early in the morning?" said the voice of an eager and attractive girl whose perky smile was a vain attempt to hide the exhaustion in her eyes. "Need a lift?"

"I was planning on catching the bus...but if you're offering, I'd be a fool not to," Kenneth courteously replied.

"I don't know where you're heading, but I'm not my way to this place called Chuck E. Cheese, heard of it? You know it's that place where kids get all hyper off soda and greasy pizza and go crazy playing ski ball just so they can get a plastic, cheaply made-in-Taiwan key chain of their favorite mouse Chucky that they'll cherish forever and ever as a constant reminder of their fun filled family day," the girl said in a super high, overly enthusiastic voice drooling with sarcasm. Her sun streaked ponytail swayed back and forth as she finished her slightly maniac monologue with a big forced smile and a thumbs up.

"Work getting to you Mel? Kenneth asked laughing at his coworker and friend's exaggerate yet true description of their summer job.


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