Thursday, June 25, 2009

Honest Scrap.

This post is a little different from what I usually write on this blog, although not entirely out of character. I got tagged by J & K a Journey with the Honest Scrap award! I feel very privileged to have received this particular award from her. K shares very personal and candid experiences that reflect the conflict and anxieties that I think a lot of people feel when just starting out with a new career and a new marriage. I appreciate her honesty and this award!

So the way this works is:

1) Tell your readers 10 things that are true that they might not know
2) Tag 10 other bloggers to do the same

Here are my truths:

1) I used to lie compulsively about things that didn't matter until they did start to matter and then I wished I didn't lie so much about insignificant things because sooner or later everything matters.

2) Peas, pineapples, and coconuts are my least favorite foods (people think this is weird because I'm from Hawaii so I should love pineapples and coconuts! bleh!)

3) I sometimes I have fits of rage that are so consuming and out of control I'm afraid that I will hurt myself or worse, someone else.

4) When I was younger I kept a journal with my dad because he worked at night and when I was not able to see him, I would write to him about my day and when he came home he would read it and write back to me.

5) I never wanted to grow up to be like my mother until I because an adult and realized that I would be lucky to be half the person my mother is. She is so amazingly strong it's beautiful.

6) I love my brother more than anyone in the world.

7) I like certain dishes because of the sauce that accompanies it rather than the food itself.

8) I am very cautious about meeting new people and I'm still figuring out if it's because I have trust issues or if I'm afraid of being close to others and showing them the real me.

9) I am finally with someone that I want to be with for the rest of my life.

10) I have a fear of clusters of small uniform shapes, mostly dots. I thought this was unique to me until I found out my best friend had the same phobia! Go figure.

Here are my tags:

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M.J. said...

Congrats on the award!!

I think it's woderful that you and your father were able to connect through writing a journal. Do you think that has anything to do with your passion for writing?

In the true spirit of the Honest Scrap award, I have to ask, is your writing all fictional or are some of the pieces you write autobiographical. I really enjoy your writing, but you are one of the few bloggers whose personal life remains a complete mystery to me.

shansPLC said...

Thanks MJ!

I definitely think I got my passion for writing and reading from my dad, he would also tell me stories from the novels he was reading. When I read the books as an adult, I realized that he told me very PG versions of the story!

To answer your question, all of the pieces on my blog are autobiographical with a fictional twist. It's all based on real people in my life or things that happened in my own life. I use my writing as a shield, but all these stories are about me, like L is me, the stories about the girl getting her first job is me, the boy away from home at college for the first time is me, even the section labeled Chapters is based on my family. It's just easier for me to write if I pretend that it's fictional, at the same time, I can be more honest and real if I'm writing about something personal.

I hope that helps shed some light on who I am!

Confessionelle said...

Thanks a lot for the tag!! That is such a cute idea of you and your dad writing a little journal amongst yourselves!!! :D I also love coconuts!!

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