Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The Hawaii that you and I know today, the epitome of relaxation and harmony, the true definition of paradise,

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isn't the same Hawaii my mother knew as a child although at the time, the official tourism website for the Islands thought that Hawaii done the impossible by achieving an almost Utopian state because along with sandy beaches and sunny skies they promoted 'a warmth of hospitality and generosity from everyone you meet' as an example of their culture in which different ethnicities melted together and lived side by side in blissful peace and invited you to share in this unique experience.

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But as Steely Tomskin would find out, things were not always as picturesque as they made it seem especially not when you lived there day in and day out because, as my mother would experience first hand, for all the idealistic harmony that Hawaii seemed to offer, there were deep seeded scars from hatred and racism and unfounded biases that were handed down from generation to generation that years and years later, no one knew exactly why they hated or where they hate come from but knew that hate existed and hung onto it and wore it as a badge because it was in their blood and so as it was, Hawaii wasn't so different as any other place in the country, but the State Department of Tourism didn't want to know that, so they swept it under the rug and hoped no one took a peek at the dirty little secret they tried to so desperately hid.


M.J. said...

There was an article about this in the Washington Post or the New York Times over the summer. I guess there was a group protesting a celebration of the anniversary of Hawaii becoming a state.

shansPLC said...

Oh wow! I'm incredibly amazed at people who have the time and energy to be so passionate about stuff like that, it's like really?!! come on, really?!

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